Hope 2.0

Digital Hope update - 2014

The photo above are of my boys - Alex and Felix - who were orphaned as very small children. I met them during our Digital Hope trip to Casa Guatemala in eastern Guatemala. They made a lasting impression on me: they represent the beautiful people in the world we built this organization to support.

They also represent a stressful and challenging position for me personally.. coming to terms with the fact I have had to put Digital Hope on hold as we plan for the future.

We started strong: kicking off successful projects with dozens of partners in dozens of countries around the world. Showing very real, very impactful results. Our model was simple while our mission was broad: change the way the world donates to those in need by using innovative digital practices.

The founding team achieved our goals through grit and determination, which unfortunately doesn't scale. Our operations became hampered by the lack of an automated platform, countless other responsibilities vying for our attention and a constantly fluctuating level of focus we were able to give the foundation. While difficult to admit, our noble cause hit a thick glass ceiling and we were not able to deliver our promise to people like Alex and Felix efficiently. For that, I apologize.

Hope 2.0

While 'Phase 1' of Digital Hope may have met its match, our determination and passion have not. We still believe, at the deepest levels, that there is a profound opportunity to change the way the world helps those in need through technology. And our attempts at being one of the driving forces behind it have hardly run their course.

Myself and my partners are actively planning for a pivot and relaunch. This time, with scale, reach and stability at top of mind. We will fulfill our mission and bring Digital Hope to those in need around the world.

We cannot do it alone, though. Our early goals were achieved through the support of an unbelievably inspiring and giving community, and if we are going to push forward to our ultimate goal, we will need all of the help we can get. Here's how to get involved:

Thank you to all of the wonderful people that have shown support for this organization and never let us give up. Thank you to our volunteers who dedicated countless hours of time pushing the mission forward. Thank you to the endlessly inspiring partners around the world who showed us the true definition of compassion and selflessness. Thank you to my founding partners who put more blood, sweat and tears in to this than anyone understands.

We will be back to make a lasting impact on the world.

- John Roa, Founder